About me & my artworks


My name is Kathleen Weinert and I am a German watercolor artist.

Some know my work from my Instagram account @Kathleens_Watercolor or also from my Facebook account Kathleens.Watercolor.

I would like to give you here with my courses & tutorials the opportunity to work on a bird watercolor from start to finish. Especially for beginners it is quite a challenge to create such a complex painting. I will help you to manage this in a good way & time.

At the end of the course you will be amazed at how easy it can be to paint a watercolor when you know how to do it. Let's get do it!



 No plan on how to get started painting?

- Which materials are really needed?
- Why you choose your own motives?
- How to create your bird sketch?
- Which color choice is the right one?
- How to present your art works on 

Instagram and build a nice following?

You have already started with watercolor painting, 

paint with pleasure animals especially  birds? Or you want it in the future?

Five important points that will get you to your destination
fast & quickly.

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Paint with me - and create your own watercolor!

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