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How to get started with bird watercolor painting?

Watercolor Painting strato.jpg

No plan on how to get started painting?

- Which materials are really needed?
- Why you choose your own motives?
- How to create your bird sketch?
- Which color choice is the right one?
- How to present your art works on 
Instagram and build a nice following?

As a bird watercolor artist, I’ve painted a lot of birds by now 
and can show you everything you need to paint a beautiful bird watercolor.

Whether you want to learn to paint cute birds just for yourself, 
or because you want to give a gift to friends, or because you want 
to become a watercolor artist - everyone benefits.

In my free PDF –> How to get started with watercolor bird painting
I explain to you the 5 most important points it takes to get started with 
bird watercolor painting!

Paint with me - and create your own watercolor!

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